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Optical Characterisation

Optical Characterisation

Excitation Sources

Fianium Supercontinuum Laser Heriot-Watt University  Broadband emission over the range 400 - 2,600 nm. Power rating of 6 W between 400 - 1700 nm. 80-0.1 MHz rep. rate.
Fianium Acusto Optical Tunable Filter   Heriot-Watt University Modulate wavelength and amplitude from laser power source. 
ORIEL QTH Lamp and Voltage Controller  Heriot-Watt University Broadband excitation of saples. Near columnated wide beam broadband emission over the range 300 - 2,400 nm. 1000 W. 
ELFORLIGHT 1064 nm CW Laser Heriot-Watt University  Sample excitation at 1064 nm. 
HP Tunable Laser Heriot-Watt University Excitation of samples in the near infrared. Tunable CW laser over wavelength range 1450 - 1590 nm. 9.9 mW. 
Mellis Griot HeNe Laser (x3)  Heriot-Watt University   Sample excitation at 632.8 nm, in addition to optical system alignment. 10 mW.
 Spectra Physics Ar-Kr multiwavelength laser Heriot-Watt University    Sample excitation over the range 350 - 676 nm. 
HeCd Laser Heriot-Watt University  325 nm wavelength multimode laser. Suitable for sample excitation and lithographic techniques. 10 mW. 
Ultrafast laser amplifier facility  University of St Andrews  Time resolved photophysics (absorption and PL) in the 100 fs - 2 ns time domain. 



Woollam VB-400 Elipsometer  Heriot-Watt University   Reflection (R) and transmission (T) elipsometery and intensity, generalized elipsometery, cross polarized R and T, depolarisation, scatterometry and Mueller-matrix, 193 - 2,500 nm range. Determine film thickness and optical constants of a material.
JA Woollam VASE spectroscopic ellipsometer  University of St Andrews Reflection (R) and transmission (T) elipsometry and intensity, generalized elipsometry, cross polarized R and T, depolarisation, scatterometry and Mueller matrix. 193 - 2,500 nm range. Determine film thickness and optical constants of a material. 
Horiba UVISEL Ellipsometry University of the West of Scotland Refractive index, extinction coefficient and thickness of thin films 190 - 2,200 nm. 


Photon Detection and Analysis

UV/VIS/NearIR Spectrophotometer  University of Edinburgh Transmission, absorption and emission characterisation of solid and liquid sasmples.
Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 UV-VIS Spectrophotoemeter Heriot-Watt University Transmission, reflection, absorption and emission characterisation of oslid and liquid samples. Additional 150 nm integrating sphere. 250 - 3,300 nm. 
Edinburgh Instrucments FS920 Spectrofluorometer Heriot-Watt University  Measure luminescence spectra with single photon counting sensitivity. Xenon lamp (450 W, <1200 nm), or Supercontinuum Laser for excitation. Steady-state detection over the range 200 nm - 2100 nm. Integrating sphere for PLQY analysis of solids and liquids.
Ocean Optics HR2000 High Resolution Fibre Spectrometer  Heriot-Watt University  Analyse sample emission over a wavelength range with 0.065 resolution (FWHM). System responsive over 200 - 1100 nm range. USB connection. 
Cary UV/VIS spectrophotometer University of St Andrews Can carry out reflection, transmission and absorption measurements. 190 - 850 nm spectral range. 
Gilden Fluoresens fluorometer University of St Andrews  Obtain photoluminescence spectra. 
Optical cryostats (liquid nitrogen and helium)  University of St Andrews  Optical studies at low temperatures. 
Hamatsu C9920-02 Absolute PLQY  University of St Andrews   Photoluminescence quantum yield measurements of films, powders and solutions.
Time correlated single photon counting TCSPC  University of St Andrews  Time resolved PL in the picosecond to millisecond domian. To understand charge transfer states and recombination.
Aquila Spectrophoometer  University of the West of Scotland  Measures reflectance and transmittance at variable angles to obtain refractive index, extinction coefficient and thickness of thin films 350 - 1,700 nm. 
Hitachi UV/VIS/IR SpectrometerSurface  University of the West of Scotland  Transmission of thin films from 190 - 3,200 nm. 
Filmetrics Reflectance System  University of the West of Scotland  Visible-NIR reflection measurements. 
VEECO DWDM Mapper University of the West of Scotland   Maps DWDM filter peak position over wafer surface with picometer resolution tunable laser.
Photonetics Optical Multichannel Analyser University of the West of Scotland   High resolution spectral analyser for 1,400 - 1,600 nm.